Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Are You Prepared For Something Wonderful?

"Prepare yourself for something wonderful to happen; when you do, it probably will."

Are you prepared for something wonderful to happen to you? No? Why? Are you always thinking that bad things are going to happen to you?  Are you beat down by life and circumstances? Have you lost hope for things to get better for you?

There’s a lot to be said about self-fulfilling prophecy. Do you remember making that call to the client who you just knew wasn’t going to buy? And did they? I doubt it. But what about that call when you knew that they were going to buy? I bet they did! Whenever you start thinking that good things are going to happen to you, they usually do and by the same token, when you start going down that negative/victim/woe is me route, what do you get? That’s right, more of the same. The universe responds to the vibrations of energy we send out...and if those vibrations are negative, we get more negativity from the universe, but if those vibrations are positive, we get more positivity from the universe! You have already done it before. Just realize that this time, you are doing it because of an intention.

Gary Zukov said "Every intention sets energy into motion. Whether you are conscious of it or not." Do you realize that you are setting energy in motion? Are you conscious of whether it is positive energy or negative energy. You can set negative energy in motion just as easy as setting positive energy in motion. But it is up to you. You decide which energy you are going to set in motion.

Make it positive energy and those around you will thank you for it!

Know. Be Known. Make A Difference!

"Prepare yourself for something wonderful to happen; when you do, it probably will."

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